Seminaires Techniques

Plateforme conception organizes technical seminars.

  • Those seminars will take place once a month and will cover various technical topics around embedded systems, hardware, wireless and security.
  • Those seminars are mainly aimed at providing useful technical information to engineers and researchers in microelectronics, and facilit networking

To make it possible to most to attend, the seminars will take place at lunch time from 12 to 13:30, sandwiches will be provided.

A public Google calendar will be updated when dates and talks are confirmed:

  • Canceled [SYNOPSYS] Using Custom Compiler's Visually-Assisted Automation for Analog Layout

    Synopsys Custom Compiler* is a modern Analog Design environment allowing you to drastically reduce your schematic and layout effort.

    In this session, we will demonstrate how Custom Compiler's visually-assisted automation has transformed analog layout methodology. This presentation will show you how Custom Compiler's assisted placement, assisted routing, and template-based design reuse capabilities can reduce layout tasks from days to hours.

    *Custom Compiler reads and writes Open Access Database, enabling designers moving from historical solution to a modern one.

    More information and registration here:

    15/06/2017 @ 12:00 - 13:30

    Campus SophiaTech – Bâtiment Forum, 930 Route des Colles, 06410 Biot, France

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If you’re interested to submit a technical seminary please use this Request Form link. We will answer you after studying your application



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