Plateforme Conception is a non-profit association whose goal is to support research and innovation in microelectronics and related fields.

More specifically,  Plateforme Conception :

Provides an acces to design flows / EDA tools at affordable prices through mutualized resources, as well as related measurement instruments (test and measurement devices and benches)

Establish R&D collaborative projects, between companies and academic research laboratories in the field of communicating integrated system designs. Such a collaboration between research labs, start-up, small and medium businesses provides the required support in terms of cutting-edge expertise.

Plateforme Conception finally enables :

Improve companies competitiveness  by mutualizing resources and by R&D projects bringing best-in-class knowledge around intelligent communicating objects and Internet of Things

Create some dynamics around the microelectronics echosystem in France, by improving relationships between public and private research centers

Enable innovation and technology transfer, the development and creation of innovative companies (software and hardware tools/devices, collaborative projects, trainings) coordinated with Pôle SCS (World Class Cluster on Secured Communicating Solutions)

Improve interaction between college students/ professors, research and innovation.

Plateforme Conception Team

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